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might be helping you if you are looking for ways to help the victims in japan. we set up a phone bank this morning to make sure you have an easy way to donate to organizations helping in the recovery efforts in japan. call the number on your screen, 202-895-3307. again the number is 202-895- 3307. we have representatives from the adventist development and relief agency, the baptist world alliance, the salvation army, world vision and the universal relief team. when you call, your organization will go to the charity who answers the phone unless you specify a specific charity. >>> and first let's look at our forecast with tony. >> hi, allison and good morning, everybody. i told you we would have partial sunshine this morning and we do. we will see changing conditions during the course of the day. more clouds later and rainfall too. let's look at hd radar and the rain is a ways away. we have a mix of clouds and sun. sunrise i think occurs at 7:20 this morning. so the rain is not nearby. later on i think we could see a few rain showers develop during the course of the afternoon but the mo
. >>> turning to the disaster in japan now, another blast and a fire at the nuclear plant damaged by friday's earthquake and this morning there are warnings of high levels of radiation leaking from the plant. >> we get the latest from sherry ly. she is live in the news room following this story. good morning, sherry. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. radiation levels were reported 100 times higher than normal around that crippled power plant and with the latest explosion and fire the nuclear crisis is escalating. the confirmed death toll from the quake climbed to 3300 people and chances of finding more survivors is growing slimmer. you can hear their misery as the tsunami wall of water rolls in. taking everything in its way. and now days later waves of bodies are washing ashore in japan. the water crushed communities to mere rubble. and put their residents through pure terror. >> i saw water and i ran. the water was chasing me like that. >> reporter: millions of people have no food and no water and no heat in near freezing temperatures. they are homeless and cramming into shelter
schools are delayed this morning. we want to get to the breaking news out of japan. an 8.9 magnitude earthquake has triggered a tsunami. there are at least 32 deaths. it may be the biggest quake to ever hit japan. and new warnings are up for the entire pacific. sherri ly has been tracking the developments all night. we'll hear from her in a moment. >>> first, we want to look at our forecast here. you may have the best news of the someday. >> i think so. we'll have some sunshine building in. we'll see some sunshine for the first half of the day. some clouds in the afternoon. look at the west. that's snow in west virginia. that won't get in here, but a disturbance to our north will bring us some clouds. it will be a lot nicer than during the day yesterday. temperatures were cool, but not cold. 40 at reagan national. winds are out of the northwest at 12. bring along a jacket today. our highs this afternoon will be in the middle 50s. partly sunny skies. could be a scattered shower. 54 degrees. winds out of the west. let me add that we still have flood warnings for frederick county and t
. >>> the latest now on the japan disaster. nuclear meltdown fears are renewed after a second explosion at a power plant. the blast was enough to force uss ronald reagan to move further off shore after it detected high radiation levels. the death toll now stands at 2800 but that number is expected to climb dramatically. a police chief fears 10,000 dead in his province alone. now the sheer scope of the destruction made clear of the images like this. before and after satellite pictures show vibrant and commercial fishing villages swamped. the force enough to shift the island of japan by 8 feet. and take this man found on top of his roof floating ten miles out at sea. his wife was swept away but he was saved. one group of elderly people survived two days in a car tossed around by the tsunami. onlookers spotted movement in a back window and summoned rescuers. >>> japan is facing a growing crisis and we get more from -- doug luzader on capitol hill. >> reporter: the death toll is quickly rising and there are fears of a nuclear meltdown. the new images of the tsunami show just how devastating the surge
continue to follow the deadly earthquake and tsunami in japan this morning. the official death toll now standing at 2800 but some estimate that could go as high as 10,000. >> the country has experienced more than 150 aftershocks. most recent a 6.2 earthquake. and there is new word that nuclear fuel rods were temporarily closed. >> that was in unit two of the nuclear plant. the exposure raises the risk of a reactor overheating which could lead to a meltdown. >> and it is the latest concern for what is already a busy day for the plant as the country struggles to begin picking up the pieces. >> reporter: a hydrogen explosion rocked the nuclear plant on monday. it isn't clear how much, if any, radiation has been released. >> there was a loud bang followed by white smoke in the third reactor of the power plant. it's likely that a hydrogen explosion occurred. >> reporter: authorities have been frantically trying to cool the plant following a system failure in the wake of a massive earthquake and tsunami. the government has evacuated tens of thousands near the area. monday also brought a power
to the latest developments in japan. there were two more earthquakes measuring over 6.0 in the south and north of japan last night, killing four people. these on top of the dozens of aftershocks from last friday's historic 9.0 quake. the death toll from the earthquake and the following tsunami could be more than 10,000. >> the aftershocks leekly to continue. we get more on the latest dangers at the damaged nuclear plant from fox 5's sherry ly live in the news room. good morning, sherry. >> reporter: good morning, tony. those emergency workers have been ordered to return to the nuclear power plant after they were evacuated this morning. that cost valuable time. in a rare address to the nation. the japan emperor said he was concerned and urged people not to give up, but conditions at the nuclear power plant seem to be worsening. yet another fire at japan's fukushima nuclear plant and a spike in radiation levels forced the 50 remaining workers there to seek shelter and at least temporarily suspend their work to cool down reactors. >> i think the very imminent dangers to those people that live aro
in japan continues with two more earthquakes measuring over 6.0 in the south and north of japan, killing four people. this is on top of the dozens of aftershocks after the 9.0 quake. the death toll could top 10,000. the aftershocks shaking an already crippled nation. there was a fourth incident at the nuclear plant. a fire broke out in plant number four. >> let's get the latest from sherry ly in the news room. sherry, good morning? >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. workers at the plant were briefly evacuated last night and they are now preparing to go back in. international teams are in place to help the japanese but the threat of nuclear meltdown may be growing. yet another fire at the fukushima nuclear plant and a spike in radiation levels forced the 50 remaining workers there to seek shelter and temporarily suspend the work to cool down reactors. >> i think the very imminent dangers to those people who live around and also may have a more profound effect for the people who live even hundreds or thousands of miles away. >> reporter: buss are evacuating people living miles a
the nuclear disaster in japan. airborne radio active materials were first detected on the west coast, now an even more dilute amount has been found in maryland. the state said they will pay special attention to food, water, milk and the air. maryland secretary of health said the trace amounts were routinely picked up by air monitoring sensors and adds it is not enough to pose a health risk. virginia officials say there are no levels of radiation in the commonwealth. >>> and in japan, contamination in the ocean has spread farther than previously thought. crews have resumed efforts to pump out contaminated water. both japan and china are monitoring food and water for possible radiation. fox's dominique denatalie has the latest from japan. >> reporter: families are returning to pick up the pieces. >> we came to look for my ring. my husband found them in a drawer in a wreckage of our home. >> reporter: but for all of the sentimental tokens found, many more meaningful ones have been lost. >> we also had a pet, a dog that everyone loved, but it became a victim of the tsunami. we couldn't save i
. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >>> some good news out of japan today. the operator at the leaking nuclear plant said power liens have been hooked up to all -- power lines have been hooked up to all six reactor units but workers still need to check pumps and motors and other equipment before the electricity is turned on. that could take several days. reconnecting the complex to the electrical grid is a significant step in getting control of the overheated reactors and storage pool. >>> the massive 9.0 quake and following tsunami have killed 9,000 people and 13,000 are still missing. one of those lost in the disaster is a virginia woman and sarah simmons joins us with more on this. >> we're talking about 24-year- old taylor anderson. her family and friends obviously mourning her loss. taylor was richmond area and in japan teaching english. she had a life-long love of japan and began studying the language back in middle school. she moved overseas after graduating to teach in the japan exchange teaching program. officials first told her parents last tuesday that her daughter had been
together for the cause in japan. details on how you can help next. we're back in a moment. you... d't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>> revolutions in egypt and tunisia earlier this year continue to spark criseses across the middle east. we are following deadly protests and the terror attack in israel. but we begin this morning in libya. more air strikes hit targets in tripoli last night. a french plane hit a libian air base deep inside the country overnight. the air strikes are said to last days, not months. negotiations are taking place among nato allies about taking over control of the operation and president obama is meeting at the white house with his security team. >>> to yem
the traffic tab. >>> more problems at the tsunami damaged plant in japan. workers evacuated after smoke was seen. they are trying to restore the electrical lines to avoid overheating. government has design described to scrap the complex. the death toll now expected to top 18,000. >>> an amazing story of survival in japan. nine days after the earthquake and tsunami, a 80-year-old woman and her teenage grandson were rescued from their flattened home. the boy said he was able to reach a refrigerator for food and water during the ordeal. >>> fairfax county urban and search rescue team arrives back home early they are morning and all 74 members of virginia task force 1 spent the last seven days in japan on a search and recovery mission. they say the devastation is much more magnified when you see it up close. the team was thanked by japan's ambassador to the u.s. when they returned home. >> all americans are so proud of you and people in japan are so grateful to you. >> to walk through there and to see the devastation, when you first pull up, and to look at everything is overwhelming. >> eve
to fox 5 news. >>> turning now to the disaster in japan. military helicopters are dropping water on to the crippled nuclear reactors and from the ground police are using water cannons to spray water on the plant. crews are trying to reconnect electricity to the cooling system. 180 workers are working in shift to avoid long-term exposure to radiation. we were wearing protective clothing but only lead can protect against radiation. in the meantime, a warning from the u.s. state department for americans in japan to think about getting out. >> as doug luzader reports, there seems to be a growing rift between u.s. and japanese officials over a possible meltdown. >> reporter: the president has spoken to japan's prime minister as the administration prepares to evacuate american citizens. this is what a last-stitch effort looks like. japan has resorted to dumping water from helicopters to cool down melting reactors. president obama last night spoke about the growing need of help for japan. >> we are bound together by a common humanity. >> but not a common view of the dangers in japan. th
is returning to washington next week. doug luzader, fox news. >>> a setback in japan. safety officials suspect one of the reactor cores may have been breeched. that could lead to more severe radioactive contamination released into the environment. they stopped work apt -- work at the plant. something at reactor number 3 may have been damaged. >>> a strong show of support here in the nation's capitol for the earthquake and tsunami victims in japan. dozens gathered for the event called stand with japan sponsored by the national cherry blossom festival last night. all donations will go to the red cross japan fund. the festival is taking on a deeper meaning this year. we'll have more in a live report coming up at 7:30. >>> there are still many opportunities to help the people of japan. we have links to several charity organizations on our website at >>> an amber alert for two children has been canceled. the two are now home safe and sound. they were taken by their father robert anderson last night. officers have anderson in custody. the
. >>> in japan now, the disaster continues this morning. the obama administration is evacuating americans out of japan. it is going to charter airplanes to help u.s. citizens who wish to leave. and they say if you are planning a trip to japan, to postpone it. >>> and they are working to cool the nuclear plant reactors. craig boswell explains the latest efforts. >> reporter: helicopter crews dressed in protective gear have been flying routes, dropping sea water on the fukushima plant. each can carry 7.5 tons of sea water. on the ground they are monitoring the radiation exposure on a realtime basis. a series of fires happened on tuesday and wednesday. risks are growing that fuel rods will melt and hydrogen will be generated and because of that water trucks are on stand-by, prepared to spray from the ground with 4 tons each. but reactors 3 and 4 are the priority northeast of tokyo. evacuees are still being scanned for radiation exposure. >> i'm angry with those running the plantch it's a joke. >> reporter: the snow is hampering search efforts and the health of the survivors. >> today it's cold s
inside the plant and then then they can restart the cooling system. >>> the disaster in japan is already having ai big impact on the global economy. coming up in the next hour, we'll take a closer look at how financial markets are poised to respond to and recover from the crisis. >>> meanwhile airborne radio active materials were first detected on the west coast of the united states and now a more dilute amount has been found in maryland. the state said it will pay special attention to food, water, milk and the air. maryland secretary of health said the trace amounts were routinely picked up by air monitoring sensors but adds it is not enough to pose a health risk. >> much, much less than an x- ray. in california, a few days ago, they reported that the amount was less than one-tenth of what you would get from flying from chicago to los angeles. and what we found in maryland was a lot less than what they saw in california. >> the feds also found some slightly elevated levels of radio active iodine in rain water in both massachusetts and pennsylvania. but again, they say it is not enough t
on the disaster in japan. officials there have just raised the nuclear crisis level from a 4 to a 5. that is equal to the 1979 three mile island accident. that means that's no longer just a local problem for japan. it comes as works are still trying to prevent a meltdown. the head of the u.n. atomic energy agencies arrived in tokyo and he says that japan is racing across the clock. president obama maintain there is will be no great radiation risk to the united states from the japanese disaster. now, our coverage of the japan disaster continues on there, you will find out more pictures of the disaster in japan >>> and the latest on the crisis in libya. the united nations voted for military action and a no-fly zone last night. libya is closing its air space to all traffic in response. the vote happened just as rebel forces may be making a last night. that no fly zone may do little to stop muammar qaddafi. >> reporter: president obama has already been in contact with the leaders of france and the u.k. but given what's happening on the ground in libya, it may be too late too late. >> repo
crisis in libya ahead. >>> also keeping a close eye on japan where radiation concern has a major warning about drinking water for small children. and a live report on the efforts to help the victims in japan. >>> and here at home, a quiet maryland community is shaken after two murders occur in less than a week. now police say they could be connected. and folks in the community are talking about the possibility of hate crimes. we'll get the latest on a new piece of evidence coming up. >>> and also monitoring metro this morning. a new report on a series of low- speed crashes in metro rail yards, revealing troubling information about train operators braking rules. what metro's own oversight agency is saying. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >>> let's take a look from tower cam. and it's messy out there right now as the situation is wet out there in the d.c. area. as we look down on wisconsin avenue, the view obstructed by low cloud this is morning on this wednesday, march 23rd. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and campbell elemen
of fire, these plates are rubbing together. they are very active. in the case off japan, part of the plate is diving underneath the other part of the plate. what happens is i brought a rubber band. ine the tension be built up. you keep pulling until it snaps. then this took place in the ocean just offshore. it's going to be a quick lift in the earth's crust. that forces the water upwards and displaces the water. as the water gets displaced, you get a tidal surge. imagine if you through a rock in a pond. you got a series of ripples that took place from that rock you threw into the pond. it travels in all directions. it was just 80 miles offshore. it raced towards the shoreline. within a matter of minutes, it was washing inland. they didn't get time to prepare for it. of course, these tsunamis can travel up to 450 miles per hour. >> it's impossible for me to understand that. >> no time to prepare. we have had more time to prepare in hawaii. now we're going to focus on the west coast of the united states and mexico where it looked like the tsunami or what's left of the energy will strike at
luzader, fox news. >>> now to a dangerous setback in japan. safety officials at the stricken nuclear plant think one of the reactors may have been breeched. if it did crack open, much more severe contamination could be released into the air. engineers stopped all work to check on those radiation levels. we're also learning the death toll is now over 10,000. coming up a little later on, we're going to look at how d.c. is coming together for japan. >>> an update on a big story we've been following out of the district. police have called off an amber alert for two children. the two are now home and safe. police say that they were taken by their father robert anderson last night. officers now have anderson in custody and the children were not harmed. >>> a possible motive emerging this morning after two men are murdered in montgomery county. an 81-year-old was found shot to death inside his home last week. investigators say he was robbed. in court yesterday, prosecutors said $40 was missing from his wallet. >>> frederick county deputy who also served as a school resource officer is now facing
to get the driver to safety. >>> in the latest now on the disaster in japan. restrictions on tap waltner tokyo were lifted this morning. but panic buying of bottled water left store shelves bare. and they are rationing milk and other products. and at the plant three workers were exposed to radiation and two had to be hospitalized. and also the death toll from the quake and tsunami continues to rise with 9400 bodies counted so far. >>> there is a lot of movement in the middle east this morning. first in yemen where the president has taken emergency powers to help him put down protests going on for two months now. the new powers let president solay suspend the constitution and ban large gathering. it presents a dilemma there as they are helping in the fight against al-qaeda. >>> to libya where more air strikes pounded targets in tripoli. the air strikes will last days and not months said france. and this morning president obama is meeting with his security team. >> their discussing handing off control of the no-fly zone and one libian official i
ambassador and expected to cross the border into tunisia later this morning. >>> now to japan and the latest on the disaster there. smoke rising from two of the cripples nuclear reactors forced workers to turn back. earlier the health ministry warned people in a village 20 miles from the plant not to drink tap water because of higher iodine levels but added the levels were too small to pose a risk to human health. >>> the fairfax county urban search and rescue team returned home in weekend. if all 74 members of virginia task force one spent seven days in japan on a search and recovery mission following the deadly earthquake and tsunami. the team said the devastation is much more magnified when you see it up close. members are proud of the work they did but very happy to be back home. >> i was very surprised that my daughter came back from college to be here. when i cam back from haiti she wasn't able to be here and it was very nice to see her and i was hoping she would be here deep down. i was looking forward to seeing her. and then when i left on friday, she was here and i turned around one
of britain and france to coordinate a response to the crisis in libya. >>> to japan now. the government is raising the severity level of the nuclear crisis. >> and the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says it will now undergo a review after president obama ordered them to take a look at all nuclear plants. more americans are returning whom >> reporter: the line is long in tokyo airport. for some, the fear of radiation is too much to handling. we have been advised by the u.s. ambassador and a nuclear expert friend of mine that we should get out of here now. otherwise, we would not leave. we love it here. >> it's for my children that i scare. >> some are bringing trace radiation. >> does it concern you that they found trace radiation levels on these planes? >> i didn't know that. i didn't know that. that is a little concerning. sure, it is aren't i would go the other way. i'm not that concerned. i think it's going to be minor at this point. >> reporter: a medical shipment from dallas also showed a small amount of radiation. they are keeping the aircraft away from any potentially radioac
their involvement. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >>> an update on the disaster in japan. the situation at the damaged nuclear plant appears to be stabilizing a bit. the workers are restoring power to cooling systems but said that could take weeks. and trace of radiation has been found in vegetable and water. more than 450,000 people have been displaced. the death toll could eventually top 18,000. >>> a virginia woman's body has been found in the rubble of a building in japan. 24-year-old taylor anderson was killed during the earthquake and tsunami. she was a teacher from chesterfield county. bob mcdonnell said she personified the selfishness that americans serving abroad have become known for and his thoughts and prayers go out to her family. >>> president barack obama heads to el salvador this morning, his third stop on a south american tour. he spent monday in chile, and reimplemented a free trade agreement to help both countries stay economically competitive. he said millions of jobs are held because of u.s. exports more to that region than it does to china. >>> and a man shot and k
is crumbling. >>> in japan police cleaning up from the quake and tsunami three weeks ago. they say they are finding bodies everywhere. recovering crews wearing white moon suits and carrying geiger counters are struggling to reach hundreds of bodies. the number of dead is expected to eventually reach 19,000. the safety officials at the nuclear plant are looking to a record that high levels of radiation are showing up 25 miles from the plant. the nuclear agency is cautioning japan to widen the safety zone beyond the current 19 miles. >>> and 155 marines maryland heading to japan. they are from the chemical bio logical incident response force based at the indian head war surface level. and they are trained to monitor levels. but they will not help in cooling the reactors and are on hand in case they are needed. that's according to defense officials. >>> 11 minutes past the hour now and ahead on fox 5 morning news, the story of three preschool age children that were walled up inside a filthy room has outraged people. >> but what can be done to prevent neglect? that's coming up. >>> and
disaster in japan. the country is announcing it is scrapping the damaged nuclear reactors for the six crippled reactors that will have to be decommissioned. and radiation levels in the sea water near the plant is the highest levels measured so far. it is more than 3,000 times the usual amount. they say it is not a jeopardy to people. >>> the nuclear crisis not the only disaster in japan. there are hundreds of thousands of people still homeless and the lack of food and other vital supplies exist. pilots are delivering much- needed aid. this morning we spoke via skype with a pilot. >> our country is destroyed up north and the only life line are our helicopters at the moment. in this instance the government has unfortunately failed to come to the aid of the people. in this case we've gathered medicines, food, water, sanitary items, all of the basics we can get and flying them direct to the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami. >> there are still many opportunities to help the people of japan. we have links to several charity organizations on our website, >>> now to a bi
in japan. black smoke has been seen coming from reactor number three and workers were evacuated today. crews have connected reactors to new power lines but they'll have to be checked before power can be turned on and the cooling systems restored. but the concern now turns to food and water. >>> there is a warning not to use tap water for young children. sarah simmons is with us with the latest. >> reporter: and they are watching closely in japan. officials have noticed a spike of radiation in tokyo tap water and that's 150 miles away from the nuclear plant. people there are being told not to give the tap water to babies. radio active eyeo dean was found -- iodine was found at double the regular amount. officials urge people to stay calm, saying they should not be concerned if infants had been exposed to a very small amount of that tap water. here in the u.s. though, the food and drug administration is banning imports of some milk and produce from the region. latest numbers show sharp increases in radio activity levels in a range of vegetables as far away as 25 miles from the plant. re
stains. for lime calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must. >>> to the disaster in japan now. the highest radiation levels found so far have turned up in sea water outside of the nuclear plant. it's more than 3,000 times the normal level. but safety officials at the plant say it should dissipate quickly and it's not dangerous to people. >>> the head of the company that runs the plant has not been seen in two weeks. but this morning the president of tokyo electric power company or tepco is in the hospital with hypertension. >>> new details on diplomatic front on the crisis in britain. it is agreed that arming the rebels is under consideration. david cameron said the u.n. resolution allowing the air strikes could be used to send guns to the opposition. and britain is expelling five libian diplomats because of their ties to the gadhafi regime. and we're hearing that uganda is offering gadhafi to live there is he decides to step down. >>> and 2200 are leaving north carolina this morning on their way to join coalition forces until the mediterranean sea. some of the crew could end up being over
news. >>> another aftershock has rocked japan in the last couple of hours. this 6.5 earthquake was near the 9.0 quake. they warn about a tsunami at the coast of japan. and this is as plutonium was found near the plant. the country is now on maximum alert. >>> and now to a big local story we're following today, an attack in broad daylight. two masked men tried to rob a man on the national mall. sarah simmons is live on the mall with the latest. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: well good morning, tony. it happened in this walkway threw here. it's a garden that connected independence avenue with jefferson drive. and it was broad daylight when this attack occur the. there was a lot of lot of u.s. park police out with the cherry blossom festival and a lot of security for the buildings in general so a lot of people are surprised to hear about this. it happened at about 5:15 yesterday afternoon. police say that there was a man walking in this garden area, it is between the herch horn muse i yum -- museum and the smithsonian castle. the man ran away without anything heading toward independence
for the situation in japan by editing episodes of shows like the simpsons. networks in germany, austria, and other countries ban any -- banning episodes. >>> a charity album to raise money for the disaster relieve in japan is rocketing up the charts on itunes. songs for japan is number one in 18 different nations right now in all. there are 38 tracks on the record including john lennon's imagine, lady gaga's born this way. the cd hit stores april 4th. proceeds go to the japanese red cross. all of those with rights to have songs have waived royalties and fees. >> and there are still opportunities to help japan. we have links on our website at >>> as thousands of people are in town for the national cherry blossom festival, u.s. park police are searching for two alleged robbers. >> police say two masked men attacked a man on the mall. and sarah simmons is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. it actually happened in a secluded park garden area between the museum and the smithsonian castle. it's an air why -- area where people walk through and it's surprising it was in broad da
] stir up a smile with hershey's syrup. >>> an earthquake rocked japan. the magnitude 7.3 quake hurt 95 miles off the country's north eastern coast, shaking buildings hundreds of miles away in tokyo and triggering a small tsunami. no reports of significant damage or injuries. >>> meantime, millions of dead fish in a popular redone doe beach harbor in california, it is believed that an chovey sized silver fish moved into the harbor to escape a red tide. that's tox irk alic algae -- toxic algae that can poison fish. and the high tide kept the fish from getting out and boats can't get out of the harbor because of so many fish. >>> national public radio is appalled by a comment made by a former executive, ron shiller, president of the npr foundation until last week and captured on hidden camera describing members of the tea party movement as racist and he was talking with two men in a muslim organization during a lunch in georgetown. listen. >> basically they are, they believe that being white and middle america, gun-toting, it is scary. >> the video was posted on a web site run by conser
on by the japan-america society of washington along pennsylvania avenue. there will be entrance gates set up. the goal is to help cover costs and reduce some of the massive crowds. children 12 and younger can still enter for free. >>> as the weather warms up, you can expect to see stink bugs make a big return. great! but the department of agriculture may have found the answer to fighting the pesky bugs. scientists say asian wasp that's hijack eggs for their own young have been found to destroy up to 80% of the stink bug population. the bugs are a big threat to crops in our area. and do the asian wasps sting us? >> because if not i'm bringing them in the house. all right. >> you wanted to say something. >> well i'm looking into this because it said making 75% less than their male counterparts. >> make 70 -- 75% of what they make. >> and correct it for you. >>> big business in the beauty industry. a new technique in taming frizzy hair but serious health concerns are being raised about the so-called brazilian blowout. details coming up. >>> and holly is finding her caffeine craving. she's learn
levels of radiation showing up 25 miles from the plant is widing japan to widen the evacuation zone beyond the current 19 miles. >>> and the pressure on libian leader on gadhafi is growing. his foreign minister has defected, coming in the wake of new revolutions that president obama sent c.i.a. agents to libya weeks ago. they are coordinated with the rebels and finding out what they need in case the president decides to arm them. the rebels have lost more cities since yesterday. and the agents helped rescue one of the airmen from the downed plane. and gadhafi morn finnister showed up in london late last night. the british are not welcoming him. britain said his defection is a sign the gadhafi regime is crumbling. >>> a fox 5 follow-up to the tragedy death of a local college student. police say a young man jumped if front of a train. both his parents and police want to know if the case is connected to a fraternity at the university of maryland and we're hearing from his parents for the first time. wisdom martin has the latest. >> he was so, so happy, maryland was his dream school for
. and the views are still free. but this year it will cost you $5 to attend the street fair put on by the japan-america society. if you are 12 and younger, they still get in for free. >>> 7:21 on a wednesday morning. and a big step for the nationals next phenom. witness some history for bryce harper next. >>> and since the president has taken office there are some that refuse to believe he's born in the united states. now a former presidential hopeful is apologizing for wrongly stating where the president grew up. >>> and for a lot of us, the days can't start without a strong cup of coffee. coming up this hour, holly is taking us straight to the source. holly is coming up. it's 7:22 now. stay with us.  >>> there is a little bit of history nat's fans. in viera, florida, yesterday, phenom bryce harper recording his first hit as a member of the nationals during an appearance against the mets. nats went on to win the game 5- 3. 2-0 early start in the spring this year. >>> mike huckabee pointed out for getting his facts wrong. he twice said that president barack obama was raised in
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